Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Train

The train rang its deafening hooter,
And started to move soon after.

I had no idea what my future would be,
But it was sure to change after this journey.

I had two days to think about the past,
Amazingly memories took over me so fast.

I felt that thoughts of her would drain,
As the rail tracks are left behind the train.

Instead more and more thoughts crept in,
Like the unending tracks that lay ahead waiting.

As i looked out of the window,
Everything seemed to be her shadow.

As the winds slushed past my ears,
I dont know from where i heard her whisper.

The train then passed across a mighty river,
Its depth easily challenged by pearly eyes of her.

Then the snake crawled across a colorful mile,
All turned pale in front of her cute smile.

Far i saw mountain peaks touching the unending sky,
Magnifica of this touch equalled a small tap of her hand on my.

More and more thoughts drew me to some other land,
As the train moved steadily to its destination.

After reflection on the whole course of my journey,
I understood this is something that cannot do away with me.

Thanks to the train. :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I want to....

I wanted to fly high in the sky,
But the weight on me did not let me even try.

I wanted to touch the stars and the sun,
But I had to be content with a pebble downtrodden.

I wanted the world to stop while I hold her hand,
But what i got was, like time flowing sand.

I wanted to have dreams of her beauty,
But i got nightmares of her going away from me.

I wanted to laugh out loud,
But my throat always choked out.

I wanted to feel the cool breeze around,
But what I always got is a chill, death bound.

I wanted to enjoy a lot of things,
But my pain trimmed my wings.

Now I want to cry out with tears,
But my eyes dry up even before they appear.

I want to shout out loud like some mad,
But the noise around me kills it before I had.

I want to hurt myself to the last limit,
But something bigger overshadows that limit.

This is the story of my life,
Never get to do what I want in my life.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

True Beauty

For a major part of my life I believed,
That Nature is most beautiful as everyone said,
But now I know I had been wronged throughout,
As I describe the real beauty in the lines below.

I start with the greatest power, the Time,
It is said that nothing can halt the pace of the Time,
But her charm indeed makes the clock stop for a while.

Many poets passed away describing the beauty of the Full Moon,
But in front of her face, it looks like a big cheese ball.
People say the brightest thing is the summer Sun at noon,
But her glow makes it look like a fading lantern hanging on a wall.

Some might find the vast stretches of green meadows most beautiful,
Others may feel the high mountain peaks deserve the status,
Some may find the eternal beauty in depth of the blue seas,
But her smile makes all these look merely like nature's toys.

Some may find a musical symphony most melodious,
Some may give the honour to the clatter of some bird,
Some may feel the music in sound of the lashing sea waves,
But against her voice, every other sound seems to be a senseless noice.

Some may consider the Ganges as the purest,
While others might treat the droplets of holy water as purest,
But the purity of her heart stands above all.

God made Nature & God made Her,
But the thing that amuses me is that why He let nature so down,
May be He has some yet undiscovered paradise which might someday parallel her yet unmatched beauty.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Innocent Love

She entered my life like a snowflake,
Everything around me became sweet as a a cake,
Soft and slow, smooth as soot,
Some feeling made me joyous to the root.

First time such feeling came to me,
My heart felt like a shore by the sea,
Every now and then, I thought, it crashed,
Feeling the same when on shore, waves lashed.

All the pain I had began to vanish,
And now my heart has only one wish,
It always lingers in me like a tingle,
And makes my soul to hum a jingle.

Every single moment of any day I think of her,
Why I do so, is to me, still a wonder,
Every thought of her brings smile to my face,
And sets my heartbeats on a special pace.

Her beauty is like the milky shine of a full moon,
Her smile fades away the summer sun at noon,
Her voice is more musical than Beethoven's Symphony,
Her presence fills everything with a sense of harmony.

Every beat of my heart spells her name,
Her image is carved out on my heart's frame,
My eyes always long for a sight of her,
But then, everywhere I see her glimmer.

Her eyes are those I used to see in my dreams,
Deeper than anything else, by all means,
Every act of her is a knock on my heart's door,
And it shakes my soul to the very core.

Is this set of mixed feelings called innocent love,
Which makes everything beautiful as a dove,
If so, I think I am liking it,
I have started loving every bit of it.

I don't know if she feels the same for me,
I can even gift her the sky to make her happy,
I hope that this is not just another game of destiny,
Now I just don't want to be lonely.....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking down an unknown road....

One day I realized I lost my way,
I turned up to GOD to pray.

I thought someone would come up to help,
I realized my thought was like a soundless clap.

Someone told me just to have fun,
I felt like shooting him down with a gun.

I wanted to calm myself down with a shout,
But my voice did not come out.

All the roads leading out were winding,
I started feeling like I am blinding.

I closed my eyes for a long blink,
On opening them I felt I am drunk.

I wanted to ride away in a fast car,
So fast, it can fly me away from mental war.

I felt like my hope started to topple,
Incidentally, I saw someone standing far like an angel.

He came near & said "Believe in yourself".
But by that time I had almost lost trust in myself.

He asked me to listen to the beats of my heart,
I went into myself, heard it & really got a way out.

It always happens in life, we get down and back up,
The best way to escape it is to live with it up. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Symptoms of HOPE........

Hope always brings a smile to our face,
Even when the heart tries to lose its grace.

Hope moves our feet to the right direction,
When our souls get confused of the action.

Just look around yourself at God's Creations,
Everywhere hope has its reflections.

    If you can look in past and smile,
    If smile of a child makes you feel warm,
    If you can see good in other people,
    If you find beauty in colors of a small flower,
    If you find pleasure in flutter of a butterfly,
    If suffering of others bring pain and frustration,
    If you refuse to let a friendship die,

Then there is always a hope lingering deep in your heart,
And it will let you rule your world for the most part.