Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Train

The train rang its deafening hooter,
And started to move soon after.

I had no idea what my future would be,
But it was sure to change after this journey.

I had two days to think about the past,
Amazingly memories took over me so fast.

I felt that thoughts of her would drain,
As the rail tracks are left behind the train.

Instead more and more thoughts crept in,
Like the unending tracks that lay ahead waiting.

As i looked out of the window,
Everything seemed to be her shadow.

As the winds slushed past my ears,
I dont know from where i heard her whisper.

The train then passed across a mighty river,
Its depth easily challenged by pearly eyes of her.

Then the snake crawled across a colorful mile,
All turned pale in front of her cute smile.

Far i saw mountain peaks touching the unending sky,
Magnifica of this touch equalled a small tap of her hand on my.

More and more thoughts drew me to some other land,
As the train moved steadily to its destination.

After reflection on the whole course of my journey,
I understood this is something that cannot do away with me.

Thanks to the train. :-)