Monday, April 12, 2010

Innocent Love

She entered my life like a snowflake,
Everything around me became sweet as a a cake,
Soft and slow, smooth as soot,
Some feeling made me joyous to the root.

First time such feeling came to me,
My heart felt like a shore by the sea,
Every now and then, I thought, it crashed,
Feeling the same when on shore, waves lashed.

All the pain I had began to vanish,
And now my heart has only one wish,
It always lingers in me like a tingle,
And makes my soul to hum a jingle.

Every single moment of any day I think of her,
Why I do so, is to me, still a wonder,
Every thought of her brings smile to my face,
And sets my heartbeats on a special pace.

Her beauty is like the milky shine of a full moon,
Her smile fades away the summer sun at noon,
Her voice is more musical than Beethoven's Symphony,
Her presence fills everything with a sense of harmony.

Every beat of my heart spells her name,
Her image is carved out on my heart's frame,
My eyes always long for a sight of her,
But then, everywhere I see her glimmer.

Her eyes are those I used to see in my dreams,
Deeper than anything else, by all means,
Every act of her is a knock on my heart's door,
And it shakes my soul to the very core.

Is this set of mixed feelings called innocent love,
Which makes everything beautiful as a dove,
If so, I think I am liking it,
I have started loving every bit of it.

I don't know if she feels the same for me,
I can even gift her the sky to make her happy,
I hope that this is not just another game of destiny,
Now I just don't want to be lonely.....