Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking down an unknown road....

One day I realized I lost my way,
I turned up to GOD to pray.

I thought someone would come up to help,
I realized my thought was like a soundless clap.

Someone told me just to have fun,
I felt like shooting him down with a gun.

I wanted to calm myself down with a shout,
But my voice did not come out.

All the roads leading out were winding,
I started feeling like I am blinding.

I closed my eyes for a long blink,
On opening them I felt I am drunk.

I wanted to ride away in a fast car,
So fast, it can fly me away from mental war.

I felt like my hope started to topple,
Incidentally, I saw someone standing far like an angel.

He came near & said "Believe in yourself".
But by that time I had almost lost trust in myself.

He asked me to listen to the beats of my heart,
I went into myself, heard it & really got a way out.

It always happens in life, we get down and back up,
The best way to escape it is to live with it up. :)


  1. Nice Poem Buddy...
    You are seriously getting better...
    Hmmm.. "Believe in yourself"..

    Need a little improvement with last stanza... Rest is simply Beautiful...

    Ab to lagta h ki kisi English Kavi Sammelan se jald bulava aane waala h... Keep It Up...

  2. i wnt pin-point ur literary errors coz they can be improved with time..but the meaning u put thru ur poems r just too touchy!!
    ur poem is decent in language..straight frm ur heart and it makes the reader thinks so much abt his/her life and thts smthng really applaudable...keep up this spirit buddy!

  3. gud one man !
    jst carry on wid ur gud work...

  4. hmm...quite a motivational thought....

    i do agree wid the thoughts xpressed.. gr8 job sir. !!

  5. Nice.........Spiritual
    We'll work on giving music to these wonderful poems.........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nice motivational thought.......

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