Sunday, January 24, 2010

Symptoms of HOPE........

Hope always brings a smile to our face,
Even when the heart tries to lose its grace.

Hope moves our feet to the right direction,
When our souls get confused of the action.

Just look around yourself at God's Creations,
Everywhere hope has its reflections.

    If you can look in past and smile,
    If smile of a child makes you feel warm,
    If you can see good in other people,
    If you find beauty in colors of a small flower,
    If you find pleasure in flutter of a butterfly,
    If suffering of others bring pain and frustration,
    If you refuse to let a friendship die,

Then there is always a hope lingering deep in your heart,
And it will let you rule your world for the most part.


  1. Cmon man... You are rocking day by day... Really Nice Poem....

    Sahi me beedu.. dil ko chhoo gayi..

  2. it resembles much to what Rudyard wrote.. but gives a very nice feeling.... i think you should write more in it... simply write more lines in this poem to give it a better understanding of HOPE....

    ULTIMATE H....

  3. awesome dude... i really lik it.. carry on...

  4. Now ths is the reflection of my heart's feelings. I literally felt as if u wrote it for me. Thanx buddy!!

    And keep writing more such stuff..

  5. fantastic ........
    u are improving urself in poetry day by day.......
    publish kara lo........

  6. i agree wid rishi..publish kara lo..really gud!!

  7. Even Better

  8. what can i say.....!!!!!
    i have heard somewhere that lack of rhyming increases the seriousness and maturity level of a poem now if it is mixed with pain and sorrow it makes very superb complex.

  9. Thanks gaurav.
    Thats the best comment i have ever got. Comments like this encourage a lot........ :)

  10. hey bro..i guess sumthin is missin...dono a few words added wud provide a complete sense to it...
    just add few m0re lines to it...will luk lot sexy aftwrds...

    still great work dude...keep it up bro....

  11. thik thak hai...bach gaya tu... :)

  12. well, wat to say man !!
    simply awesome....

  13. WOW,,its sooooooooooo beautifully written.......small little package of hope......awesome dude.........!!!!!!!

  14. hmmm indeed.....only hopeful thinking can get you out of from fear zone and into ur appreciation short I think hope is the positive step of your life