Sunday, October 21, 2012

In search of You...

Meandered, by me was the whole shire, in search of you,
Not a single sign though, was found of you,

Sweet, is your scent, that across time, I follow,
But like time itself, away from me it does flow.

Warmth, is of your breath, that urges me to strive,
The chill of your silence though, makes me crash dive.

Ripples, are of your touch, that last forever,
The coldness of it though, makes me shudder.

Oceanic, is the depth of your eyes, that drowns me,
Which increases manifold which each teardrop of thee.

Envy, is of the roses, from the Smile of your lips,
The pain hidden behind it is what scares even their thorns.

Vast, are the Dreams of you, that rule my sleep even in light,
Thoughts of you cover the length of my sleepless nights.

Wish, is mine, that we talk more than just merely speak,
But I know that silence between us has not risen to a peak.

Firm, are my feelings, that burn through my veins,
Even efforts by fate to move their stand, go in vain.

Known, only to me, is the pain of living away from you,
My search will continue till I find the lost you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Without You

Without You, I thought I might not live,
Although I feel myself still breathing vile

Without You, the moon still shines at night
Although its gloomy and mocks me with its light

Without You, the sound of bells is still audible
Although they seem to be funeral bells now not implausible

Without You, I still walk the streets at night looking at the sky
Although the stars are now its scars and it seems it wants to die

Without You, the sun is still warm and bright up there
Although it is blinding and scorching as a furnace for me down here

Without You, I still walk barefoot down the seashores,
Although the oysters now just feel like some hollow stones

Without You, I still try to tame the highest heights
Although now I am afraid of taking smallest steps

Without You, I still stand like a rock against the strong tides
Although I feel the sand being washed off from the sides

Without You, I complete one more year of my existence
Although the vacuum inside me doesn't let me rejoice

Without You, I still hear the sounds and voices from all
Although I just long for one voice which I am not able to recall

Without You, I will continue to live the future as I always did
Although I keep yearning for the past, which, with you I did spend

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pain in the Eyes

When I look in the mirror in my eyes
I see a different facet of my own self

The eyes which used to have hope and desire
Are now blood-shod with pain and fire

Those eyes which used to dream high and glide
Are now trying to conceal pain hidden in pride

Those eyes which used to tell me that I am on my way
Are now telling me that I am miles away in dismay

Those eyes which used to sing songs of love and romance
Are now completely silent and riveted in a trance

Those eyes which used to guide others to faith in oneself
Are now themselves searching for a streak of hope in myself

Those eyes which used to show compassion and love for myself
Are looking like that they just want to stab me in heart to their relief

Those eyes which used to take away tears of others
Are now trying to avoid flooding for the sake of others

Those eyes which used to take pride in their oceanic depth
Are now as shallow as a paddling pool too inept

 Those eyes which used to see shimmer of stars in themselves
Are now trying to search the end of an unending well which in them dwells

Whenever I look in the mirror in my eyes
It amazes me how things change in just a blink...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I try to make myself believe

I try to make myself believe

That I am blinded by light, when,
I know it is pitch black around me.

That One is the horizon for me, when,
I know that One is as far from me as sky from sea.

That i am a deer grazing the vast green meadows, when,
I know that i am standing thirsty amidst a inimical desert.

That i am flying high in the blue skies, when,
I know that i am falling down a dark deep trench.

That love is a victory march with me leading it, when,
I know that its a stampede with me being at the bottom.

That the shimmer is see is that of the pearls, when,
I know that its the desolate dullness of my tears.

That the life is not as bad as it seems to be, when,
I know that its worse than what it seems to be. . . .