Wednesday, June 23, 2010

True Beauty

For a major part of my life I believed,
That Nature is most beautiful as everyone said,
But now I know I had been wronged throughout,
As I describe the real beauty in the lines below.

I start with the greatest power, the Time,
It is said that nothing can halt the pace of the Time,
But her charm indeed makes the clock stop for a while.

Many poets passed away describing the beauty of the Full Moon,
But in front of her face, it looks like a big cheese ball.
People say the brightest thing is the summer Sun at noon,
But her glow makes it look like a fading lantern hanging on a wall.

Some might find the vast stretches of green meadows most beautiful,
Others may feel the high mountain peaks deserve the status,
Some may find the eternal beauty in depth of the blue seas,
But her smile makes all these look merely like nature's toys.

Some may find a musical symphony most melodious,
Some may give the honour to the clatter of some bird,
Some may feel the music in sound of the lashing sea waves,
But against her voice, every other sound seems to be a senseless noice.

Some may consider the Ganges as the purest,
While others might treat the droplets of holy water as purest,
But the purity of her heart stands above all.

God made Nature & God made Her,
But the thing that amuses me is that why He let nature so down,
May be He has some yet undiscovered paradise which might someday parallel her yet unmatched beauty.