Monday, September 30, 2013

Etched on me

I remember the first time I saw you agleam
Amazed I was to see the darling out of my dream

I remember the day we first met
Struck I stood there with my frozen breath

I remember the first time to me you talked
Alert I listened while your lips were what my eyes watched

I remember the first time we looked into eachother's eyes
Deep I dived into the depths to feel innocence coupled with loneliness

I remember the first time you called out my name
Elated I was as if I had gained a treasure of mine to proclaim

I remember the first time you touched me
Shivering I found myself as ecstasy bolted through me

I remember the first time you whispered in my ear
Inflamed I was with the warmth of your breath as words did sear

I remember the first tear I saw falling from your eyes
Sad I was with the feeling I can do nothing but just sympathise

I realised you are the moon and I am stone of earth
Hurt I was on falling trying to get hold of you by dumping in dirt

I have died everyday waiting for you all these times
Wait is what I will do if needed for a 100 more years

I wish you understood such is how you are etched on me
Engraved on me is every memory I have ever had of thee.