Friday, October 23, 2009

My desire ???

I have in me a burning desire,
Why it makes everything so bizzare?

I stretch my hands to reach it,
Why it makes me feel so stupid?

I try to fly high in the sky,
Why i fall as winds pass by?

I want to talk to stars up high,
Why black clouds cover up as I sigh?

I walk down the aisle engrossed in memories,
Why i stumble as I close my eyes?

I feel someone close to me,
Why am I left alone without a bye?

I think there is something to gain,
Why it turns out to be only pain?

I feel like breaking free and running away,
But my desire always forces me to stay.................


  1. Bhai bahut wadiya...

    Bhai bahut saara dard h... tumahre dil o dimag me... Aise hi kavitayen likhate rahna...

    Sixth para me to bhoot ka ahsaas h...

  2. arre yaar yeh poetry n all..thoda 'over the head' ho jaati hai mere liye...wat i felt ki it was sorta pessimistic..since u said tht we shud comment so tht u cn i told u it was gud..didnt knw ths talent was hidden in u...likhta reh.. :)

  3. Really Good One..Straight from your heart.


  4. Great start !

    Keep it up !

    Tu to chhupa rustam nikla yaar !

  5. achchhi hai kafi achahhi poem hai.
    kiski hai?
    agar pakad le tujhe to sorry bol dena.

    mazak kar raha hoo bhai ji
    nice poem
    keep it up

  6. this is good yaar.... shi ja rha hai achi shuruaat hai ydi tune hi likha hai.... if u r coping this poem that's not fare haan but ye tere life per fit baithti... hai to tu yeh kehkar to bach hi sakta hai...

    i like this poem too..

    bhai sab band karke isi me time... spend kar then u will be a gud poet...chal itna hi keh sakta hu tere liye mein....

  7. hey buddies

    dis z not a copy frm anywhere

    100% original matter of mine

  8. gud thoughts dear...
    must say full f pain...

    keep on goin wid these....

    all d best bro....

  9. awesome poem big bro...........

    great start ....

    and keep going on.............
    mere dil ko choo gayi

  10. 1st line - "dats very much visible in ua eyes n talks"
    4th line - "koi ni,its b'coz its jst t start"
    5th line - "wait n watch, n keep on moving, u'll one day"
    7th line - "u'll one day"
    11th line - "dats me.... sry,, dats God n ____"
    13th & 14th line - "therz lot to gain. just keep ur MISSION & ur VISSION very much clear 2 u"
    "n don't talk abt pain or emotions,they do not work in this corporate world"
    15th & 16th line - "don't run away,u r not amongst one f thm"
    "agr desire se kuch achha hota hai to desire achi hoti hain"
    KEEP IT UP...

  11. What I can say for this is Awesome!!
    Ultimate work hai bhai......
    I really likes it....