Sunday, October 21, 2012

In search of You...

Meandered, by me was the whole shire, in search of you,
Not a single sign though, was found of you,

Sweet, is your scent, that across time, I follow,
But like time itself, away from me it does flow.

Warmth, is of your breath, that urges me to strive,
The chill of your silence though, makes me crash dive.

Ripples, are of your touch, that last forever,
The coldness of it though, makes me shudder.

Oceanic, is the depth of your eyes, that drowns me,
Which increases manifold which each teardrop of thee.

Envy, is of the roses, from the Smile of your lips,
The pain hidden behind it is what scares even their thorns.

Vast, are the Dreams of you, that rule my sleep even in light,
Thoughts of you cover the length of my sleepless nights.

Wish, is mine, that we talk more than just merely speak,
But I know that silence between us has not risen to a peak.

Firm, are my feelings, that burn through my veins,
Even efforts by fate to move their stand, go in vain.

Known, only to me, is the pain of living away from you,
My search will continue till I find the lost you.


  1. kismat darwaze pe bar-2 dastak nhi deti h ... it z upto u to open door and to grasp the opprtunity and here it seems someone knowing evrything is not opening the door ......

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